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Hello there!

I am Kitty Boitnott, the owner, and founder of TeachersinTransition.com, and KittyatCareerMakeover.CoachesConsole.com.

My mission is to help burnt-out teachers (and other mid-career professionals) who are at a career crossroads find new work or create a new career path that is fulfilling, meaningful, and rewarding.

I  specialize in working with teachers who are suffering from the pain, heartache, and disillusionment of job burnout and are looking for career alternatives.

Whether you are a teacher who is suffering from burnout or a mid-career professional stuck in a career that no longer makes you happy, I can help you find your next career.

Consider the following questions:

 Are you...

  • stuck in a job that no longer meets your fundamental need to feel that you are contributing in a meaningful way to the company or organization for which you work?
  • feeling the burden of working at something that is out of alignment with who you are and your core values?
  • being criticized and evaluated for things over which you have no control?

Does your principal, boss or supervisor make unrealistic demands upon your time, even when you are not at work?

Are you...

  • ready to transition from a job you no longer enjoy into one that you find personally and professionally fulfilling?
  • suffering from a sense of general overwhelm?

Do you need to learn how to manage your stress and develop a greater sense of work-life balance?


Only you can obtain the goals you seek for yourself, but sometimes you can't do it alone.


I am here to help you if you are ready to get yourself unstuck and started toward the path in life you want and deserve.

Schedule a complimentary strategy session today.

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Let's find out if I can help you make the change(s) you know you need to make.

Remember the old saying, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

You have nothing to lose by reaching out for a complimentary strategy session right now.



A little  about my professional background and credentials:

I was a teacher and library media specialist for 33 years.

I  capped off my career in public education as the President of the Virginia Education Association (2008-2012). 

I always advocated for teachers and students, and I was (and remain) fierce in my defense of public education because I believe it levels the playing field for children from every background...or, at least, it should.

In 2012, as I wound up my last term at the VEA, I realized I was experiencing my own deep and profound sense of job burnout.

I just couldn't see myself going back to the classroom. I was exhausted on every level:   physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I knew I wouldn't be able to bring my best effort to my potential students. So, I retired much earlier than I had planned.

After a 6-month rest, I decided to start my business as a Career Transition Coach, specializing in helping teachers who are suffering from their own job burnout. 

I am also a licensed minister, so I combine my life strategies coaching training with my spiritual grounding and my training as a career transition and job search coach in my current practice.

My clients are scattered all over the world. 

My educational credentials include a B.A. from Longwood University in English Education and Library Science; a MALS in Literature from Hollins University; an Ed.S. from the University of Virginia in K-12 Administration and Supervision; and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University.

I am also a National Board Certified Library Media Specialist, and I work with teacher candidates who need coaching and critical reading while going through their own National Board process.

I have earned certifications in Life Strategies, Holistic Life, and Stress Management Coaching to go along with my Career Transition training. 

And, last but certainly not least, as a Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner and Minister, I hold credentials from the Global Religious Science Ministries which is associated with the Alliance for Spiritual Understanding.

In addition to private and small group coaching, I offer workshops on stress management for teachers and busy professionals, and I speak on topics related to stress, holistic wellness, work-life balance, LinkedIn optimization and a variety of job search strategies.

I am currently a contributor to Forbes.com, and I was named one of the top 25 career coaches online by CareerToolkit.com.

I can help you get unstuck if you are stuck in your current job search. I can also help you get started if you have been waiting for help in undertaking the change that you know you need--and are ready--to make.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Kitty Boitnott

Kitty, Your Career Makeover Coach

Phone: 804.404.5475

  Trusted Advisor, Proven Results

Boitnott Coaching, LLC



Named One of Top 25 Career Coaches Online by CareerToolkit.com.




Forbes Coaches Council


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What Working with Kitty is Like

Julia L., NBCT, Doctoral Student
"Kitty is a highly competent professional.  During our coaching sessions, her questions and insightful comments were framed in a way that facilitated self-reflection.  This helped me clarify my goals, guiding me through a critical juncture in my career.  Kitty's compassionate support helped me gain perspective on major career decisions, guiding me toward assessing my options with clarity.  As a result, I have made decisions that are right for me.  I am grateful for her  guidance."  ~ Julia L., NBCT, Teacher, Doctoral Student


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